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atuna1God brought us to SIBBC& S to equip and prepare us for His ministry. We really enjoyed our studies, not only in academic knowledge but also in our spiritual life too. Soon after our B.Th., we entered into the ministry field in the city of Varanasi and worked in two projects. We did research in Hindu communities and visited different famous Hindu temples. There were times we felt weak and discouraged seeing the blindness of the people, but by the grace of God and His presence we were strengthened. We deeply appreciate the SIBBC&S family for their prayer support and encouragement and the knowledge that we gained during our B.Th.


My friend Rebecca Chang and I started conducting Sunday school by giving the children education as a means to share the gospel to them. It was a great blessing teaching them about God’s love

and leading them to the knowledge of God. It was a joy to serve the Lord among the unbelievers. It helped us grow and draw close to God through our experiences and the challenges we faced. We praise The Lord for his hand of leading and guiding through our years of ministry. Last but not least to SIBBC&S we owe our true appreciation and thanks because it was at SIBBC&S where the foundation for our life was built. We are back at SIBBC &S to continue our advanced studies. I pray that many more students of SIBBC&S will come up with challenges to

serve the Lord in the way He wants and where He wants. God bless.

Written by ATUNA ZELIANG  in collaboration Rebecca Chang.

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