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Praise the Lord for a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School. We had about 140 children attend. We were able to share Gods wonderful love and present the gospel. All glory and praise to God, 30 children accepted the Lord as their personal Savior. The children enjoyed listening to missionary stories and learning about the life of Jesus, the life of Moses and Paul and other great men and women of faith. They also got to enjoy a puppet show that showed them how to apply Bible principles in everyday life. Looking forward to the vernacular VBS and youth camps before the new academic school year starts.

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Graduating class! We praise the Lord for the 94 students that Graduated this year. We are especially pleased to see that quite a few of our students are going as missionaries to other states and countries. We have students going to Gujrat, Nepal, Orissa and Chattisghar. These students truly have a burden and vision for the Lords work. Please uphold them in your prayers. We praise the Lord for the 3000+ students that have graduated and are working in various places in and around Asia. As our President always says, "You are our joy and our crown."  Dr. P. D Cherian.

The 3 Day Pastors Conference saw close to 200 Pastors attend. The conference is an exciting time, where we see a lot of our Alumni attend and we always enjoy hearing their testimonies and the work they are doing in the Lord's service. Pastors from various parts of India attended and were blessed and refreshed. Many made commitments to take the Gospel to unreached people groups and face adversity with courage and commitment. A special Thank you to the World View Ministries team for their teaching, preaching and encouraging fellowship.

The Annual Convention saw 6900 people attend over a five day period. We praise the Lord for the 208 souls that have been saved. Pastors bring people from various places to attend the meetings and we share a meal after the service as a time of fellowship. These meetings have produced fruit, as testimony is Anbu a student who will be graduating this year. Anbu came to these meetings as a child and dedicated his life to the Lord and has been a blessing on campus as a warden for our Home of Hope boys, staying with them and discipling them. Another instance of God using these meetings to touch lives is a recent incident that happened. One of the sales lady at a store shared with Mrs. Cherian how her son would not speak at all even till the age of five. She had come to the meetings and people prayed for them and the boy began to speak and is now an active well spoken boy of 14. It is the Lords doing and we Praise him for it. We pray for these meetings throughout the year and it is a blessing to see people come to know the Lord. Continue to uphold these new believers in prayer as we disciple them and help them grow in the word of the Lord.

The world is moving toward terror and carnage, where the sanctity of life has no value, where morals are easily corrupted; knowing that our Savior came specifically to shed His blood to save depraved humanity, amazes and humbles us. Praise God for sending us His Son, so we can boldly say, the joy of the Lord is our strength.

"The Promised One" was the theme for this years Cantata. It truly was a blessing to all who attended. We served a Christmas dinner to a crowd of 950 people. We had many families and dignitaries from the city of Coimbatore attend. We had the opportunity to present the Cantata at a Church in the city and also at a well known school. We live streamed the program so many of our Alumni and prayer partners around the world were able to celebrate with us. Many people expressed their joy and appreciation at the wonderful message and presentation of the Cantata. A special thank you to Dr. And Mrs. Stouffer for their tireless effort through the year to bring this to fruition. A special thank you to our wonderful students and faculty, the choir members, the sound room, the drama team, the stage production team, decorating team and all of the students who took care of cleaning the campus, putting up lights and preparing and serving food to the many people that attended. The entire SIBBC&S family put in their effort so that this program would be a blessing to many and praise God that many left feeling blessed.

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