Master of Arts (BT)

The Master of Arts in Bible Translation program is designed to prepare individuals in translation principles, procedures, skills, as well as courses in linguistics, enabling them for the sacred task of translating the Bible.


1.  To equip students with necessary skills for the sacred task of translating God's Word.

2.  To impart linguistic skills needed to discover and describe the structure of languages on the phonological, morphological, and syntactical levels.


Candidates should have graduated with a Bachelor of Thelogy degree from SIBBC or an institution that follows a similar theological position.

Students may also be considered based upon the following credentials:

1.  A bachelor's degree from a secular institution in the field of education, linguistics, literacy or a similar field of study.

2.  Ministry experience and theological training in a local chruch setting. These candidates and may not be eligible for the Master's Degree.

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